Cisco Solutions Make the Connection for IT and OT

As the world’s largest enterprise networking and security company, Cisco knows that every IT and OT host, endpoint, and connection represent potential attack surfaces and vectors into your mission critical environments.  Cisco’s security portfolio extends into the OT environment with Cisco Cyber Vision playing a foundational role in securing operational technology environments. Cyber Vision gives you full visibility into your ICS with deep packet inspection (DPI), including dynamic asset inventory, real-time monitoring of control networks and process data, and comprehensive threat intelligence, so you can build secure infrastructures and enforce security policies to control risk.  Cyber Vision integrates with all of Cisco’s market-leading security portfolio, allowing OT leaders to bring enterprise security into their domains. 

Cisco Cyber Vision leverages a two-tier deployment architecture and unique edge computing capabilities that offer the simplicity and cost saving benefits industrial organizations look for when deploying OT security at scale.

Cyber Vision sensors are embedded into Cisco’s industrial network equipment, so that you can easily gain visibility on both east-to-west and north-to-south traffic anywhere in the network. Industrial application flows are decoded at the edge, so there is no need to mirror traffic, which can cause network congestion and jitter. Embedding DPI in the existing network hardware simplifies security deployment and makes it scalable.

Cisco products and solutions are strengthening the security of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to meet DFARS 2012, NIST SP 800-171 & 800-172 and CMMC requirements.

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