CyberPoint & Dovestech

CyberPoint is honored to be a sponsor of Hack the Building.  As a leading offensive cybersecurity company with worldwide experience assisting our nation, companies and critical international partners of the US with their virtual cybersecurity needs we are pleased to be part of this groundbreaking cyber exercise.
CyberPoint looks forward to testing our technologies and skills and joining other sponsors such as the Department of Defense and US Cyber Command. 
Dovestech LLC is a cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in cyber data visualization, sensor technologies and cyber policy compliance solutions and consulting. 
The Dovestech team is comprised of veterans of DoD and Intelligence community cybersecurity and software engineering projects but also numerous commercial engagements in the commercial sector helping cities visualize data gathered from smart city IoT sensors, assisting small and medium sized manufacturers increase the resilience of their businesses through cost effective cybersecurity solutions for IT, IoT and OT based networks and support for deep data analytics for multimedia companies seeking to understand how consumer trends related to their digital content such as audible iBooks, music and movies. 
Dovestech is providing assistance to businesses with NIST 800-171/DFARS 7012 compliance and is assisting with CMMC readiness assessments.