The adoption of IoT-based systems to reduce building and corporate campus energy, security surveillance, fire safety and building infrastructure is driving the integration and expansion of building systems, sensors and related networks. 

Our economy and national defense infrastructure relies on secure and reliable buildings and related infrastructure.  Vital national defense operations such as intelligence and critical manufacturing rely on secure operating spaces.  If the building or it’s systems cease to function or cause environmental impacts to the personnel or products inside key facilities, the mission is compromised. 

Nozomi networks and their network of certified Nozomi engineers and partners  have been providing solutions and technologies in support of the Maryland Innovation and Security Institute (MISI) and our cyber mission accelerator projects designed to accelerate the cyber resilience of critical manufacturing.

Hack the Building will test and evaluate the capabilities of Nozomi Networks to provide vital threat detection to critical facilities. 

Like traditional ICS sectors such as manufacturing and electric utilities, managing cyber risk for smart buildings is challenging.  It should be impossible to rely purely on secure business and manufacturing networks inside a facility and attest to the cyber resilience of for instance a DoD Defense Industrial Base supplier using for example NIST 800-171 or the Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMMC) without some risk assessment of the building in which the personnel and networks are housed.