Our connected world is growing at an exponential rate, creating vulnerabilities and opportunities for malicious actors to compromise operations, data, and in too many cases an overall organization’s IT capability.  Industry Control Systems, Internet of Things, and other connected technologies drive innovation and capitalize on the value of data and information.  

While many technologies can reduce, mitigate, and remove the cyber-related risks that exist with increased devices and surface area, often times the most powerful tool is an organization’s cybersecurity professionals.  Creating a solution which empowers and enables cybersecurity professionals to learn, develop, and hone their skills has been the front and center outcome of VMware’s Cyber Range Solution.

In 2019, VMware partnered with Worldwide Technology and Dell delivered its Cyber Range Solution platform to DreamPort.  The Cyber Range platform aligns the power of VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center with cyber exercise scenarios; providing an innovative platform of compute/storage to support the systems and applications that drive cyber exercises and events.

The VMware Cyber Range Solution provides an automated platform for Hack the Building and for participants to interact with the Event’s systems, applications, and services

In Spring 2020, DreamPort used the VMware Cyber Range to support the ‘Dangers in the Dream Valley’ rapid prototyping event.  And based off the successes from that event, will be used as the platform to support the upcoming ‘Hack the Building’ event.

The Cyber Range Solution delivers a multitude of capabilities for cyber exercise use cases; most notably: automated infrastructure build-up-tear-down user environments, flexible software-defined networking, network and operations telemetry, and cloud extensibility to name a few.  

The VMware Cyber Range Solution supports numerous use cases for organizations to train, simulate, and test IT systems in safe and secure environment.  It is an exciting opportunity for VMware to support Hack the Building with this solution and understand how the platform can help your organization and its cybersecurity needs.